Cozy Jet


Cozy Dreams

THE ONE-OF-A-KIND JET-POWERED Cozy aircraft, featured in the November 2005 edition of Sport Aviation, was recently acquired by Ryszard Zadow,

EAA 258833, of Waller, Texas, and the new owner fl ew the airplane to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015. The unique Cozyjet Kerosene Dreams is powered by a modified 600-pound thrust General Electric T58 jet engine.

And that’s not all Zadow had to report; on July 4, he announced he’s creating the nonprofi t Rutan Aircraft Flying Museum aimed at promoting and preserving Burt Rutan’s popular homebuilt aircraft designs, including the VariViggen, VariEze, Long-EZ, Quickie, Defi ant, and Solitaire.

“Our objective is to acquire at least one each of Burt’s homebuilt designs,” Zadow wrote in an e-mail to EAA. “This is a fl ying museum that will maintain these designs before the public and continue the legacy that led to space!”

Calling the Cozyjet the centerpiece of this new ef ort, Zadow hopes Kerosene Dreams helps attract attention to the museum’s mission and planned crowdfunding ef ort. Learn more about the fl edgling museum on Facebook.



This beauty is quickly becoming my favorite

Never exceed speed: 120 KCAS (138 mph)
Top speed: 95 KTAS (108 mph)
Cruise speed: 84 KTAS (95 mph)
5000 rpm at 8,000 feet
Gross weight: 1,510 pounds
Useful load: 430-550 pounds
Fuel capacity: 20 gallons usable
Fuel: 91 octane autogas or 100LL
Fuel burn: 3.8 gph at cruise
Range: 427 nm (45-minute reserve)
Endurance: 5 hours
Stall (clean/fl aps): 45 KCAS/39 KCAS
Maneuvering speed: 87 KCAS
Max crosswind: 12 knots
Service ceiling: 15,000 feet
Glide ratio: 9-to-1