Quik – An Elastic Object Store For Video

Why Yet Another Object Store ?

We didn’t think we needed one, either. But CEPH, Swift, CleverSafe, RIAK CS and numerous other object stores failed to meet the extraordinary requirements of cable television quality video-on-demand

Specs For High Definition Video On Demand for 22 M subscribers

Jitter 50 nano sec The Lower The Better
Bitrate 15 Mbps Higher is better. But not useful beyond a point
Bandwidth 12 Tera bits / sec Ever increasing demand. Never enough!

See the sidebar for an analogy that explains those specs

Product Vision

A No-Frills, Multi-site, High Performance, Easy To Manage Elastic Storage for Video

No-frills was key. Experience showed that more features and frills made solutions complicated and buggy, often making them unusable

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Competitive Advantage

Relevant ?

Is the advantage you are claiming useful to the customer ? Does it solve a real problem ?

Differentiated ?

How is what you are doing any different from the 3000 other guys who are doing the same thing ?

Sustainable ?

If you are successful, what stops other people from copying your idea and crushing you like the cockroaches that your are ! (thanks Mr Wonderful!)

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When You Hear …

You are over simplifying

No. You can be more creative

As an agile product manager, I hear this most from architects and engineers. They seek problems that challenge them. They are thorough thinkers, who think of every possible way a product can be used. They make things sophisticated. This often causes schedules to slip, increases execution risk and projects to run away!

As one architect told me “SIMPLE IS HARD“. So engineers CAN get satisfaction finding simple solutions to complex problems

That will never work …

Its a loosing argument. Anything can be made to work. But at what cost ? How good will it be ? Focus on those characteristics rather than saying the competition’s product will never work

Read the fine manual …

You need tact, patience and a strategy to open this person up to discussion

He projects the image on an Oracle, while in reality can be wrong at critical times. He likely is very knowledgeable in some domains and often well respected. But he certainly doesn’t think out of the box.

When dealing with someone who says RTFM, make sure you have done your homework. Find a time when that person is not preoccupied and start the conversation with a complement, followed by “the manual says …. but …”

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Ordinary People, Extraordinary Team

  • Your strategy is a jigsaw puzzle, and people  are puzzle pieces
  • Like puzzle pieces, every member must be compatible with her adjacent teammates
  • The team must buy into the strategy. After all, they have to execute on it
  • Tweaking your strategy to suit your team  is far easier and quicker than hiring and firing

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