Difference between operating C172 and PA-180

Starting Engine
C172SP PA180
Fuel Pump Used only to start the engine. Turn on for a few seconds just before starting. Turn off as soon as a flow of 5 gph

Sequence: Turn on fuel pump, mixture rich, turn off pump, mixture lean. Ignition to start, advance mixture to rich as soon engine “catches”

Leave on until engine has started. Then turn on before take off and final decent.

IMPORTANT: leave on during takeoff and landing. Put fuel pump on your before take off and decent checklists!


Mixture Start lean. Make rich when engine fires Set to rich from start
Carb heat Not applicable OFF during start
Primer Not applicable Prime as necesarry after turning on fuel pump and setting mixture rich


Use of fuel pump on PA 180

Use the fuel pump, when starting the engine, during takeoff and landing. In other words

  1. Turn on prior to start.
  2. Turn off after start
  3. Turn on before takeoff
  4. Turn off when at a safe altitude
  5. Turn on before decent to land / approach
  6. Turn off after landing

Use of carburator heat on PA 180

Turn off, and leave it off during start, taxi and takeoff

Turn on before descent to land

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