Easy Airplane

To fly an airplane today, you must be mentally sharp, be in impeccable heath – yeah no colds allowed!, have sharp reflexes and focus on flying throughout the time of the flight! And then it takes an hour to get to the airport, another half hour before you can take off, and when you get to some place far, there is no transportation to take you anywhere. This is ridiculous!

I have started collecting those things about a plane, the pilot and its environment must change so anyone who can drive a car can fly an airplane … thats right, 17 year olds to 90 year olds, fat or slim, fast or slow, sick or well.


Feature How it should work Why it sucks today
Automatic Flaps Slow down without flap or flaps must deploy automatically at low speeds Slowing down is complicated and dangerous
Simple Yoke Easier to climb – just pull yoke to climb, push the yoke to decent. A centered yoke MUST NOT produce a climb no matter what the power the setting!
Auto Trim NO TRIM. A centered yoke will never cause the plane to up or down! Its like the autopilot is always in altitude mode
Pressure-independant Altimeter Automatic pressure determination. No need to find AWOS or ASOS or any other bull shit!
Automatic CTAF selection
Power affects ONLY speed The power setting must only cause horizontal speed to change. Vertical rate must be controlled purely by yokE
Car like pedals Throttle and brake just like in car
Auto Coordination No rudder pedals
Stability Stable in BOTH pitch and roll
No Over bank Can never over bank
Auto Pull Up on Bank No altitude loss in bank!
Auto X-wind correction Automatic crosswind correction when tracking a route
Non icing wings Flight into known icing conditions, auto deicing and/or surfaces where icing cannot form
NEVER stall Never stall (but can increase speed to prevent stall), no matter what the load, what the bank, what the configuration
No left turning tendency
High cross wind capability: at least 35 knots.
Can Land in a CRAB.
Low stall speed: 30 knots any config, any bank
Very STOL – 150′ takeoff 300′ landing
Head-up displays Syntethic terrain on windows, not displays
Automatic Load Balancing Automatic load balancing (through announcements)
Automatic fuel management
Parachute system
Automatic / always-on transponders
Collision avoidance system
Automatic mixture control
Safe propellors. Located at back and close to fuselage. Protective grill. Resistant to bird hits. Auto shutdown on bird hit
Auto Best Glide on Engine Failure Automatic attitude adjustment to best glide on loss of engine power. Alarm sounds to pull parachute rip cord
No VOR No VOR bull shit. Just follow line on map and or boxes in the windscreen (virtual highway/augmented reality)
Dual Engines Dual redundant engines. Single throttle control
Easy Start just like a car. no fiddling with mixture. No flooding. No cold start procedure
No master switch (but ok to have to electrical breaker)
No avionics switch
Backup battery for avionics
No flare required to land!
Pitch attitude must be automatically up when landing
Easy Landing Landing procedure.

  1. Slow plane down by letting off gas. Use brake for rapid deceleration. Plane will slow down to minimum controllable speed without stalling
  2. Make sure you are heading the correct direction along runway (need not be aligned – since we have castoring wheels)
  3. push yoke down to descend, until wheels touch ground
Accurate fuel left and range and time
Accurate internal oil indicator and engine light
No headset required! Quite interiors
Smooth operating doors
Select stations by identifiers, not frequencies
No audio panel! Can talk on either com by touching the com icon
Automatic tune to nearest station. Smart selection of nearest or destination frequency.
Automatic redundant fuel pumps
Full authority digital engine control system
Automatic fuel tank management (still multiple fuel tanks for safety)
Good Ventilation during taxi
Good visibility including ability to see close-range runway in landing and takeoff attitudes
Self-powered parking and push back – no need to push plane ever!
Fuel tanks easily accessible. No need to climb wing like in high-wing Cessnas
Automatic transponder codes – ATC either uses mode-S code or can interactively assign code
gps call out “climb to 10000”
Price <; $100k

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