Hiring Uncommon Talent

There is rarely, if ever a reason to not hire someone your team recommends after an interview. But, there are many reasons to hire someone your team decides against

Teams often unwittingly

  1. say NO a lot to many candidates with potential
  2. dislike or disapprove of people unlike them

This leads to teams that lack healthy debate & competition

You probably don’t want to Veto your team’s decision, because vetos are indicative of an authoritative leadership that is not productive. So how do politely go against your teams recommendation ?

You could try to convince your team to change their mind. Or you could say to them,  ‘we can afford to take a gamble on this candidate’. You will be surprised how acceptable this is to everyone

Be generous with the gambles you take on people. Give them the opportunity to shine, and they will impress

Be wary of a homogenous teams. Ordinary people with diverse backgrounds can do extraordinary things as a team

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